A Step Towards Sustainability: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Understanding your carbon footprint is the first step towards making a meaningful environmental impact. On this page, you’ll find links to a selection of carbon footprint calculators and sustainability assessment tools. These resources are designed to help you gauge your or your business’s environmental impact, from daily activities to larger operational practices.

By calculating your carbon footprint, you can identify key areas for improvement and begin your journey towards a more sustainable, carbon-conscious lifestyle or business model. Start exploring these tools today and take a significant stride in contributing to a healthier planet.

Schedule Your Consultation: Partnering for a Greener Future

If you’re a medium-sized business or larger, Dynamic Carbon Credit is your ally in sustainability. Click to schedule a call with us, and let’s discuss tailored solutions that align with your specific goals. Our expertise in carbon credits and emission reduction is designed to support ambitious companies like yours. We’re committed to guiding you through every step, ensuring your journey towards a more sustainable future is both effective and impactful. Together, let’s drive meaningful change

Tools For You

Explore our basic tools below for an initial assessment, and remember, engaging with us opens the door to more sophisticated, bespoke sustainability technologies tailored to your needs


EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator

This calculator from the US Environmental Protection Agency allows users to estimate their carbon footprint in three areas: home energy, transportation, and waste​​.


CarbonFootprint.com Calculator

A popular online tool for calculating carbon emissions from various sources such as buildings, cars, and flights​​.


Carbon Footprint Calculator

An interactive calculator that helps users understand and reduce their carbon footprint​​.


CoolClimate Calculator

Allows users to calculate and compare their carbon footprint to similar households and create a personalized climate action plan​​.

conservation org

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Conservation International Carbon Footprint Calculator: A tool to calculate carbon emissions from lifestyle choices and offers options to offset these emissions​​.

epa logo

E3 Sustainability Tools

A collection of over 60 tools and resources, including sustainable manufacturing tools, life cycle assessment tools, and energy efficiency tools​​.

sustainable development solutions network

SDG Impact Assessment Tool

A free online resource for various entities to assess their impacts on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)​​.


BASIC Sustainability Assessment Tool

An open-source tool designed for SMEs to compare sustainability reporting, assessment, and ranking frameworks​​​​.


Program Assessment Sustainability Tool

A tool to assess a program’s capacity for sustainability and develop an action plan for improvement​​.