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Over 25+ Years In The Carbon Industry

Dynamic Carbon Credits stands out as a top choice for cutting carbon emissions and tackling climate change. Partnering with businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to medium-sized, we’re committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Born from a range of ventures, our expert team brings years of experience in carbon credits and emission reduction. We’re here to help you meet your sustainability goals with services like carbon footprint assessments, carbon offsetting, and trading. Founded in 2019, our parent company saw the need for a reliable carbon credit solution, leading to our creation. As industry leaders, we excel in delivering verified, effective solutions.


Long Term Carbon Sequestration

Our process captures carbon.


Backed by Science

In collaboration with Universities, we offer a vetted process.


Ongoing Committment

Your needs will change and we will be ready as you adapt.

Let’s tackle your carbon emission challenges together.

Empower your journey to carbon neutrality with our sustainable models that shrink your carbon footprint. Get access to eco-conscious, verified local carbon credits, bridging the gap as your business evolves. Tailored for any size, from Fortune 100 to medium enterprises, our services include precise carbon footprint assessments and effective carbon trading. Start your path to a greener, more sustainable future now.

Experience long-term carbon sequestration through an accredited process designed for your needs.

Whether you’re a Fortune 100 or a medium-sized business, you can achieve your goal of reducing your carbon footprint with us.

You’ll receive comprehensive services including carbon footprint assessments, carbon offsetting, and trading of carbon credits, all customized to your business requirements.

Meet Our Team

Beau Parmenter

Beau Parmenter


  • Innovator with Several Patented Concepts
  • Pioneer in the United States Agriculture Industry
  • 20+ Years of Ownership in Business, Agriculture and Construction
  • Issued by US Congress “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

Beau Parmenter is a highly experienced CEO in the United States. Beau has more than 20+ years of experience leading businesses across industries, including agriculture, construction, and consumer products. He is an authority on leading transformational change across an enterprise. His leadership has been critical in driving innovation in new business sectors in the United States and internationally.

Beau is an investor and innovator with several patented concepts that create disruptive change in their respective industries. He received the US Congress “Certificate for Special Congressional Recognition” for project work completed in the United States.

In his role as the CEO at Dynamic Carbon Credits, he is responsible for both client and people development at the company. Beau works closely with our affiliate partners to grow the company across all industries.

In summary, Beau is an accomplished CEO with a proven track record of business success in the United States. At Dynamic Carbon Credits, Beau developed the framework of the company and its integration with our affiliate partners. By developing our consulting and buying platform, Beau Parmenter established a company that medium to large size businesses and Fortune 500 can trust to help reduce their carbon footprint to meet governmental regulations.

Hollie Heikkinen

Hollie Heikkinen


  • Dynamic Carbon Credits President: Pioneers sustainable business practices.

    Advocate & Keynote Speaker: Focuses on inclusivity and corporate environmental responsibility.

  • Board Member & Committee Chair: Active in economic development and workforce innovation.

Hollie Heikkinen, an accomplished entrepreneur and advocate for sustainability, serves as President of Dynamic Carbon Credits, where she pioneers initiatives to align business success with environmental responsibility. With extensive experience in independent work and a deep personal commitment to leaving a better world for future generations, Hollie advises national associations, chairs committees, and serves on boards dedicated to driving meaningful change. As Chair of the Women in Corporate Leadership Committee for the Committee for Economic Development (CED), a Board Advisor for The Conference Board’s Human Capital Center, a founding member of the Coalition for Workforce Innovation (CWI), and a member of the Board of Directors for the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce (DRC), she navigates the intersection of commerce and conscience with unwavering dedication. A captivating keynote speaker on the future of work, Hollie amplifies voices traditionally marginalized in corporate circles, urging inclusivity in shaping a sustainable future. Her multifaceted roles across various companies and organizations underscore her unwavering commitment to driving meaningful change in both business and the planet, amplifying her impact and influence on shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.

Anna Jacobs MT (ASCP)

Anna Jacobs MT (ASCP)

Executive Science

  • Agricultural Expert for 30+ Years
  • Clinical Laboratory Scientist for 20+ Years
  • Certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathology
  • Licensed to work in the US and internationally as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Anna Jacobs stands out as a seasoned executive in the scientific and agricultural sectors, with over three decades of deep involvement in innovative agricultural practices. Certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathology, Anna has demonstrated exceptional leadership in scientific research, development, and data analysis. Her contributions have been pivotal in pioneering advancements and raising awareness of the sustainable and industrial applications of agricultural crops in the United States.

Her proficiency in technical writing and project management has played a crucial role in crafting and executing effective strategies for professionals within the agricultural domain. Anna has spearheaded numerous comprehensive projects that span the entire agricultural lifecycle, from cultivation and quality testing to product development, in this highly regulated space. Her extensive knowledge of agronomy, coupled with hands-on experience, positions her as a vanguard in the development of sustainable agricultural products for health and industrial use nationwide.

As the Executive of Science at Dynamic Carbon Credits, Anna Jacobs is renowned for her strategic vision and client engagement across various sectors. Her expertise in the carbon credit market establishes her as a respected authority and thought leader. She is frequently sought after for her insights and perspectives on agricultural practices and their impact on carbon sequestration, both in the United States and on a global stage.

In essence, Anna Jacobs is a distinguished science executive and agricultural expert, whose career has been marked by significant achievements. At Dynamic Carbon Credits, she plays a critical role in driving the company’s growth and aiding businesses in effectively reducing their carbon footprint through innovative consulting services and cutting-edge carbon credit solutions.

Bernard Porter

Bernard Porter

Executive Engineering

  • Automotive Executive for 20+ Years
  • RFID Specialist, Product Development, Manufacturing and Testing Expert
  • Expert Experience in Inventory Management, Tracking, and Global Supply Chain

Bernard Porter is a highly experienced executive in engineering and an RFID specialist with 20+ years of experience in the automotive industry. He has a strong track record of leading successful product development, manufacturing, and testing projects, and has been recognized for his expertise in RFID technology. As an executive, Bernard has a proven ability to lead large, cross-functional teams in the successful delivery of complex engineering projects. His leadership has been critical in driving innovation, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency at various automotive companies.

With over two decades of experience in the automotive industry, Bernard has honed his skills in product development, manufacturing, and testing. He has a deep understanding of the complex processes involved in the automotive supply chain and has used this knowledge to develop streamlined manufacturing and testing processes.

Additionally, Bernard is the CEO of Xxtar Associates an affiliate partner who assists Dynamic Carbon Credits in the process of certifying carbon credits for our clients. Bernard has also increased our focus on the automotive industry by working exclusively with these clients to address their needs and challenges within the carbon credit market.

In summary, Bernard is an accomplished engineering executive, RFID specialist, and automotive industry veteran with a proven track record of success in product development, manufacturing, and testing. As an executive at Dynamic Carbon Credits, Bernard Porter has accelerated growth and assisted automotive companies in successfully reducing their carbon footprint through our expert consulting and trustworthy, certified carbon credits that are only available at Dynamic Carbon Credits.

Emily Dakoske

Emily Dakoske

Executive Business

  • Silicon Valley Startup & Fortune 500 for 6+ Years
  • Top US Markets Merger and Acquisition Experience
  • Corporate Product Development Background
  • Licensing and Compliance Background

Emily Dakoske is a highly experienced business executive and a product development specialist in technical or highly regulated industries. As an executive, Emily has a proven ability to lead large, cross-functional teams in the successful delivery of end-to-end technical or business solutions. Her leadership has been critical in driving innovation and launching products across a wide range of industries.

Emily’s expertise in navigating mergers and acquisitions at the Fortune 500 level has contributed to her becoming a highly effective executive at Dynamic Carbon Credits. Her understanding of technology, combined with her practical experience, has allowed her to design and implement solutions that are innovative and well implemented across an organization. She has worked as a Project Manager and Business Systems Analyst for several Fortune 500 companies. All product development experience from Emily has occurred in highly regulated markets such as the financial services and agricultural licensing sectors. Emily started her professional career in a sales capacity while working for companies such as the Chicago Bulls in Chicago, IL, and Yelp, Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area. While working in Silicon Valley, Emily joined a tech startup company which was later acquired by Capital One Bank; Emily was a key member in the growth and acquisition of the tech startup company.

In summary, Emily is an accomplished business executive with experience at the startup and Fortune 500 level. As an executive at Dynamic Carbon Credits, Emily Dakoske has implemented strategy and assisted all clients in successfully reducing their carbon footprint.

Lucas Logsdon

Lucas Logsdon

Acquisition Director

  • Strategic Advisor
  • Executive Advisor
  • Business Development Executive

Lucas Logsdon leads our Business Development team. Lucas Logsdon is internationally recognized as an investor with great instincts and counsels executives to align their teams and broader organizations to build new capabilities within the ESG sector.

Lucas leads Dynamic Carbon Credits’ capabilities worldwide, which includes our functional areas and our innovation priorities. He focuses on bringing the best expertise, data and solutions to our clients.

In 2023, Lucas was introduced to Dynamic Carbon Credits, a company based in Michigan who is the leading company in providing effective and reliable solutions for reducing carbon emissions and tackling the global issue of climate change.

Rick Collett

Rick Collett

Business Consultant

  • Graduate of Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
  • Menominee/Stockbridge-Munsee Indian
  • Serial Entrepreneur

Rick Collett is a member of our Business Consultant team. Rick and Dynamic Carbon Credits formed an alliance through a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) re-seller agreement to develop a strategic plan of action to reduce and eliminate carbon emissions by focusing on companies who employ a diversity manager.

Rick is the founder of Wisconsin American Indian owned “Chemical Procurement Inc.” Rick and his team of Ph.D. chemists began to produce environmentally safe chemical formulations and work as a brand co-packer. He later caught the eye of the Wisconsin business community working as a MBE. Rick became a business adviser to two State of Wisconsin governors, Governor Earl and Tommy Thompson which led to MBE contracts with Fortune 500 and large businesses.

Rick produced under a MBE contract for Aqua-Chem. This specialized in desalination chemical support for worldwide distribution. Early in the 1990’s, Rick formed Native American Pharmacy producers of organic plant-based skin care featured in PBS television special “Last of The Medicine Man”. Working with plant compounds, he soon formed his international organic agricultural division “Organic Growers” (OG).

The farming division began working with The United Nations (FAO) in the country of Africa which pioneered growing food without chemical pesticides.

In 2003, Rick formed “West Pack Industries LLC ” an USDA SQF Organic Certified co-packing plant. Packaging organic and conventional food’s including beverages. Clients included Whole Foods, Costco, Walmart, “The Beer Machine”, Mars Foods, Seeds of Change, Uncle Ben’s, Smuckers, Cumberland Packing Sugar in the Raw and Stevia in the Raw to name a few. In 2016, Well Built Machinery was formed which produced blending and packaging equipment for the food and beverage industry.

In 2023, Rick was introduced to Dynamic Carbon Credits a company based in Michigan who is a leading company in providing effective and reliable solutions for reducing carbon emissions and tackling the global issue of climate change.

Rick Kraniak

Rick Kraniak

Business Consultant

  • Strategic Advisor
  • Executive Advisor
  • Board Advisor for Emerging Technology

Rick Kraniak is a member of our Business Consultant team. Rick Kraniak is internationally recognized as an investor with great instincts for commercially innovative and viable businesses, and for a long track record of growing successful companies.

His entrepreneurial background includes launching a number of businesses in the media and entertainment, health, software, Internet, and technology verticals. In particular, his entertainment industry experience has informed a unique approach to strategy and creating value with diverse enterprises ranging from startup ventures and mature public companies to supporting social cause related organizations and charitable non-profits.

Rick has consulted with such companies as Premier Exhibitions (PRXI), Tixc Corporation (TIXC) Columbia Artists Management Inc, Wavefront Technologies (WEE-V), Branson Partners, North Star Advisors. Discount Coupons, Detectachem and J and B Medical Supplies.

In 2023. Rick was introduced to Dynamic Carbon Credits a company based in Michigan who is the leading company in providing effective and reliable solutions for reducing carbon emissions and tackling the global issue of climate change.

Committed To The Future

Dynamic Carbon Credits is deeply committed to being a part of the solution for carbon sequestration. We focus on innovative strategies to capture and securely store carbon, playing a crucial role in the global effort to mitigate climate change and create a sustainable future.

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